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Child Custody And Child Support In California

If you’ve been ordered to pay child supportand you’ve been paying your child support, but then something happens and you lose yourjob or you get a demotion or you are making less money than you were when the order wasmade, what do you do? Obviously you don’t have enough money to keep making the supportpayments, and equally obviously the person receiving the support payment still wantsto keep getting it. So if you have a child support order and you’ve lost your job whetheryou live in Los Angeles County or Ventura County or anywhere in the state of California,if that has happened to you, can you do anything about it? The answer is yes. You go to courtand you ask the court to modify your child

support order; it’s called a Child SupportModification Request. And you literally go into the court, explain to the judge whathappened, this is what I was making then; this is what I’m making now; will you pleaserecalculate the support so that I am paying an appropriate amount of support with regardto whether I am getting unemployment or whatever my economic situation is. In fact, dependingupon the economic situation of the person you’re paying the support to, if you loseyour job they might have to pay you support. So the key here is you have to act quickly.A lot of people will lose their job, they will just stop paying, and then three, four,five, six months later they finally decide

I have to do something because my ex is houndingme, and then they go into court to ask that the amount be modified, and the problem isthat for all those months that you haven’t done anything, it’s just racking up what youowe. So if you’re laid off, or if you suffer some kind of interruption to your cash flow,you need to get yourself in front of an accomplished, experienced child support attorney who canhelp you get into court, ask for the request, and then when your hearing is held one, two,or three months later, you can ask the court to make the new order retroactive back towhen you originally filed your request. And that will give you the most relief that youcan possibly get. And when we’re talking about

a child support modification in California,you are always entitled to have an award of guideline child support. In other words, it’salways modifiable based on the circumstances that are happening at any given moment.When someone comes in and they ask about a child support modification, one of the firstquestions they ask is do I have to keep making this payment that I can no longer afford tomake? And the answer is well if you can’t afford to make it, you’re not going to beable to make the payment no matter what. But here’s what you need to do: you need to paywhat you can while your request is pending. And the reason you do that is because youare demonstrating to the court that you’re

acting in good faith, Your Honor, I am doingwhat I can, I just don’t have the financial wherewithal to pay that original amount. Sopay what you can while your request is pending, and ideally once the judge rules on your requestand modifies your support down, that will be retroactive and you will receive creditfor all of the payments that you have made.

Orientation to Family Court Mediation and Child Custody Recommending Counseling

我们很烦,因为我们�常哭。 我们难过�生气,愤怒。 我们�说这个消�时,感到惊讶震惊。 我过去�常感到难过,�过现在�生气�难过,有时候还 有点疯狂。 我们大多数人都感到有些困惑,对家里�生的事情和对我们的感�觉得困惑。 我在六�时感到�分困惑,想知�我的生活会有什么�化。 我没有兄弟�妹和我一起�历这�情况,所以�得�自己对付。 我困惑了很久,�是到我12�左�,我开始顺其自然了。

您刚刚�到的是�历过家庭�故并上了家 庭法院的数百万儿童中的很�一部分。 �论父�是�已婚但现在分居或者离婚, 也�论父�是�从未结婚并且需�安排�女的监护, 加州法院系统都��助家庭应对这�有时让人难以应付的�历。 看�我女儿�历��程度的悲伤,我很难过。 这�状况�续了几年,有时真让人�心丧气,�过我和她�亲都���,为了女儿能有最好的结果,我们尽�能��最好的状况。 加州法律规定,如果父�����女监护或者亲�时间安排,他们应当�加调解。

一些法院把这个程�称作儿童监护 – 推�咨询。 调解和儿童监护 – 推�咨询大多相�。 我是Dan。您好。今天我担任你们的调解员。 调解过程中,父�和中立的��过专门训练的专业人员共处一段时间。 他或她��他们的顾虑,帮助他们制定符�家庭需�的亲�计划。 最让我困扰的是我�能�天�到我女儿,这让我感到心情沉�。 父�第一次�法院时,容易怯场, 高度紧张,�能�平时那样集中注�力。

他们对在法院�能得到的结果相当悲观,如果想一想,你就知�情有�原, 因为他们�到法院正是由于他们�能交谈,�是他们�这里被�求的第一件事就是�试交谈。 所以作为调解员,我们尽力体谅那�感�,并且认识到人是�以��的。 我们想给他们机会考虑��选择,有机会制定自己的计划, 适��女的需�,��关注�亲或者父亲的�利, 而是引导父�把精力投入对孩�最有利的事情上。 大多数的加州法院都有家庭法院�务计划或者其它调解计划, 帮助父�调解他们的亲�顾虑。

我�父�说明调解有三个目标。第一个目标是帮助他们制定计划。 第二个目标是这项计划�对�女最有利,因此它�一定是任何一方父�想�的, 但对于�女是最好的。 第三个帮助父��少他们之间的�语相�或怨�,使�女��为此痛苦。 法院调解员进行儿童监护调解,他们是心�学� 婚姻关系和家庭儿童咨询或者社会工作领域的富有专业技能的人员。 根�法定�求,�个人都�过家庭暴力� 家庭暴力对儿童的影��以�物质滥用�家庭动力学和儿童�待领域的训练…

作为家庭治疗师或儿童治疗师,我们许多人有这个领域的工作�验…… 由于我们所�的教育和训练,我们能够解决父�和�女所�临的一些困难。 �亲监护这整个问题是全新的,实际上…… 你知�,我从�没有�历过,它没有指令说明,所以我真的�知�该�什么。 我的任务是与您�作,看看我能�帮您…… 调解为父��供制定监护和亲�安排的机会。 �次会�,我们需�解决三个真正��的问题。 一个是法定监护的概念,第二个是实际监护的概念,

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