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Child Custody Attorney Delaware

Divorce and Family Attorneys Rahaim Saints Delaware

Enduring difficult family law issues such as divorce, child custody or child support can be one of the most challenging times of your life. Emotions run high and conflict is often encountered. On top of it all is the need to deal with various rulings and laws. You have rights and interests that need to be protected. You may have children that need to be protected as well. Having an experienced but compassionate domestic law attorney on your side.

Can assure the best possible outcome and make the entire situation much easier to deal with. Rahaim Saints was founded in 1993 by lawyers who are Delaware natives, with over 30 years experience each. Both have handled family cases and understand that having an attorney who listens, as well as counsels can make a big difference in both the experience and the outcome of your family law case. Unlike some larger firms where representation can feel impersonal.

The family law department at our firm is geared toward protecting your interests, while listening to your concerns and helping you understand the law and the process. Our practice provides compassionate legal counsel and affordable representation in areas of family law including divorce, custody, spousal support and protective orders. We are also well versed in military family law issues, prenuptial agreements and same sex unions. We have two offices; one in the Wilmington suburbs and one in the GlasgowNewark area.

And we have handled family law cases throughout the New Castle and Kent counties. If you’re going through the emotions and issues involved in most family law cases and have questions about your rights, give us a call today. Initial consultations are inexpensive and can give you peace of mind and the advice you need to take the right steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Emergency Child Custody Orders in Arizona

In limited circumstances where a court finds that irreparable injury has occurred, or will occur to a child, the court has the ability to use its authority to make emergency orders regarding temporary parenting time, and legal decision making, among others. When a court makes emergency orders it does so without notice to the other party, because urgent action is needed; but once those orders are entered the petitioning party must serve the other party as soon as possible prior to the emergency hearing that will be set soon after the orders are made. A quick hearing needs to be set in order to satisfy the responding parties right to notice of the allegations being raised against him or her. For example,.

Emergency orders may be granted in cases that involve physical abuse of a child, by a parent or custodian. Emergency orders can also be granted when a parent is exposing a child to drugs or other illegal substances while the child is in their care. Depending on the circumstances courts can suspend parenting time or greatly restrict it, in order to preserve a child’s safety and wellbeing. If you believe you may be in a situation that requires an emergency order please give us a call at area code (480) 3058300.

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