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Child Custody Court Columbia Sc

I’m nancy jo thomason, and i’m a lawyer in anderson, south carolina and I practice in Family Court. One of the areas that the family court handles are juvenile criminal matters. A child who is charged with committing a criminal act is treated similarly to an adult,.

But differently in that their cases are handled in the family court system. There are no juries, they have a trial in front of a judge that determines whether or not they should be adjudicated delinquent or not. This process is very important and your child, if they have been charged for something, needs a lawyer. In fact South Carolina requires that they have an attorney.

So if your child doesn’t qualify for the public defender the court will require you to get a lawyer for your child. The consequences can be very very serious including your child being ‘put behind the fence’ as we call it, our housed at a juvenile detention facility. It’s very important that we find out about your child’s rights and you make sure.

That they have someone representing them through the process. at Thomason Pracht we have a lot of experience helping juveniles in these matters. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 2267222 or at our web site tandplegal for more information. Thank you.

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