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Child Custody Forms North Dakota

Hey, folks. Matt Horowitz at llcuniversity .I hope you’re doing well. Today, we’re going to talk about the LLC annual fees by state,all 50 states. I am referencing a table that we have on ourwebsite. I just printed it out to read it to you. This is a little bit ridiculous tomake a tutorial about all this stuff, but hey. Some people like tutorials and it’s easier toconsume. I’m going to go a little bit quicker here,because there’s a lot of information to cover. Again, probably 94% to 95% of the states allhave an annual report or some iteration of the annual report.

Most of the time, it’s called annual report.Sometimes it’s called an annual certificate, an annual list of members, an annual registrationfee, a biennial statement, a business privilege tax return, a decennial report, a franchisetax report, a period report, AKA you have to send the state money every one year, everytwo years and in Pennsylvania, for example, every 10 years to basically keep your LLCin good standing, and in compliance. This is very serious stuff. Don’t take thislightly. If you do not file your annual report or whatever the requirement is in your state,your state will eventually dissolve AKA shut down your LLC. This is serious business.

Now I’m basically going to quickly go over. For the most part, everyone I’m about to mention is just a fee paid once every year.Now that due date is going to vary. It’s different by every single state. You’re going to haveto click through to the website to read this table, because I don’t know if you can seethis, but a lot of information. Let’s run for it. Alabama, $100. Alaska, $100.Arizona, $0. Arkansas, $150. California, $800 plus $20. Colorado, $10. Connecticut, $20.Delaware, $300. DC, $300. Florida, $140. Georgia, $50. Hawaii, $15. Idaho, nothing. Well actually,let me stop myself. Some states, even though you pay $0, some . A few states, you don’thave to pay anything or file anything, and

those are the good states. Just a few of those. However, there’s a bunch of other states whereeven though you pay 0, you still have to file a report and some documentation. Again, fulldetails on this table. Idaho, $0. Illinois, $250. Indiana, $30. Iowa,$45. Kansas, $55. Kentucky, $15. Louisiana, $35. Maine, $85. Maryland, minimum $300. Massachusetts. Oh boy. $500. Massachusetts and California and Nevada are your big boys, wanting $500and $800 in California. Massachusetts, $500. Michigan, $25. Minnesota, $0. Mississippi,$0. Missouri, $0. Three 0s in a row. Montana, $20. Nebraska, $10. Nevada, $500.New Hampshire, $100. New Jersey, $53. New

Mexico, $0. New York, $9. Although New Yorkdoes have a funny publication requirement. If you need details on that, we do have atutorial and a post on our website. Again, New York, $9. North Carolina, $200. North Dakota,$50. Ohio, $0. Oklahoma, $25. Oregon, $100. Pennsylvania, $70. However, it’s every 10years. Again, most of these . I’m not reading off the due dates. Most of these are everyyear. Some of these are every two years. Rhode Island, $50. South Carolina, $0. SouthDakota, $50. Tennessee, minimum $300. It goes up based on the amount of members your LLChas. Texas, $0. Although they do have a franchise tax document that needs to be filed.

Utah, $15. Vermont, $35. Virginia, $50. Washingtonstate, $81. West Virginia, $25. Wisconsin, $25. Wyoming, $50. That’s fun, throwing paperson the floor like that. Hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you want all the details about is it everyyear, is it every other year, is it due on my anniversary month, is it due in April,is it due in June, is it due in January, they’re all due at . It’s all crazy. I wish theywould all just make it the same, but they’re all over the board. Hopefully, this is just a quick run throughto let you get a feel for what the price is

Big Pharmas Dirty Tricks To Keep Meth Ingredients Available

pharmaceutical companies are fightingtooth and nail to make sure that pseudo ephedrine remains overthecounter now this is theactive ingredient in math and this is the activeingredient that has led to many math lab in places like Kentucky so this is anongoing problem there are only two states in the US right now or get in mississippi that have bannedpseudo ephedrine overthecounter you have to get a prescription in order toget it

but after that happened in those twostates pharmaceutical companies created this intense insane lobbyingeffort to make sure that no other state makesthis a prescription drug know some of you might wonder well doesthat mean that if I get a cold I have to go get a prescription to get this medicineknow there’s tons a cold medicine out there that doesn’t have this ingredient thatwill still take care of your symptoms

but it doesn’t matter pharmaceuticalcompanies hired up you know third parties that we dothese continuous robo calls and of course it would feed the public misinformationand any legislation that was proposed in any other state would get shut downimmediately it so it’s really amazing ever robo calls at the and would connect up citizens to their local officials so they can callthe officials immediately and tell them

I do not support this you better voteagainst it I wish you could afford that Kosovo War back but when you’re sending to make youknow ten civilians hundreds emily is I was a little bit better equipment backbeat yes and to to do thepolitical machinations that you do here and a of course they got the pole and ofcourse they’re gonna get you know up and Adam to make sure theyfight against this I me I think allout drugs should belegalized anyway

but this is not the right process thisis not the reprocessed so let me give you let me just give you the details andexplain how this is all working so since 2007 a clandestine math sites haveincreased by 63 percent nationwide and par the reason why is because peopleare doing something known as smurfing where they will go to a pharmacy orsomething and they will buy like you have there’sa limited amount of a cold medicine like sudafed that you canbuy well

they will go to one pharmacy though bythe limit and another one other pharmacy in theknow by the limit got their Smurfs their smurfing which is a crazy the C word forsomething so serious anyway and I and our game outcomes andhe buys the rest so we’re seeing these like I math labspop up all over the country especially in Kentucky the numbers math lab hasmore than tripled so that’s a really really big problemand the reason why I say it’s a problem

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