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Child Custody Laws Chicago

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Rapists Get Custody Visitation Rights

After the tiny into bob dole out personality in the shana pre way who is a lawyer i wrote this plot for c_n_n_ dot com in in the blog she talks about our own personal experience with right uh. after she was raped she did become pregnant and she had decided to have the baby and she had a little girl that she logs is happy with her decision but even though she made that decision she has to deal with.

Consequences if people don’t really think about and not consequences that the father of the child wants to have custody you know we honestly i did forget panel was blown away by so article and by the concept so and you know.

As she points out an article thirtyone u_s_ states allow a man who fathered through rape to get custody of his case right so that show kanu uh. an issue an unexplained this puts and extra conundrum among women because.

Then their those guys have leverage and they get into a situation where they say well you could testify against him but then i will would want visitation rights or maybe i dropped a visitation rights request if you don’t have so far power.

How does that stresses that under what muncy could be states possibly give visitation rights for the fathers who got the kids through rain i mean you are not a bad parent.

My god i can’t recall what would you do anything slightly wrong and i think it is a way you’re telling me and i know that’s an exaggeration but you know what’s really trying to find some way press them make their mom okay so this is missus knots.

And nonetheless the reform say no no it’s ok so cadre person but apparently thirty percent women choose to have the kid anyway which on blown away by can’t believe that that is an incredible statistic tunes different studies indicate that thirty percent of women decide to have the baby even if they were great but now it is very short standing up my insurance they wanna make that i.

Understand that right but for that republicans they think no we don’t want you to have that choice a person an amendment for example and another two thousand nine uh. acted by the way paul ryan and eighteen cosponsored.

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