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Child Custody Lawyers In Woodland Ca

What are the consequences of a dui conviction? you may be sentenced to jail time or community service and probationary period, at a minimum. If the DUI is severe, you may have a prison sentence and you will pay court costs and fines. Your driver’s license will be suspended, as well as possible drug or alcohol treatment requirements. Most of our clients are hard working, regular people. We don’t judge people, we defend them. When you can’t afford a guilty, call us.

Watsonville Divorce Lawyer Call 209 2436838 in Watsonville

By hiring a divorce lawyer, you get an advocate. we will bring calm to contested and volatile situations. We pride ourselves on our sensitivity to our clients’ finiancial as well as emotional needs. Our firm focuses on effective and cost conscious divorce agreements. We find effective resolutions to child custody and visitation, child support and property division. Contact us for confidential, comprehensive advice on alternatives, eligibility and the advantages of having an attorney on your side.

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