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Child Custody Lawyers Ventura County

Orientation to Family Court Mediation and Child Custody Recommending Counseling

We feel upset because we cry a lot. We feel sad and mad and angry. We were surprised and shocked when we heard the news. I used to feel sad, but now I feel mad and sad, and sometimes a little crazy. Most of us feel some amount of confusion; confusion about what is happening in our families and confusion about how we feel. As a sixyearold I was just confused, and I was wondering how my life was going to change. And I didn’t have any siblings to go through it with so I kind of had to do it on my own. I was confused a lot, but until I was maybe 12, it was just quot;go with the flow.quot;.

The voices you just heard are a tiny sample of the millions of children who have experienced changes in their family that also involve the family court. Whether parents have been married and are now separating or divorcing, or whether parents have never been married and need to make custody arrangements regarding their children, the court system in California is designed to assist families through this sometimes overwhelming experience. It was difficult watching my daughter go through various levels of grief. It took some years, it was frustrating at times, but I hung in there, as did her mother, and we kept everything about the best out come for our daughter. California law requires that parents attend mediation if they do not agree about custody or parenting time with their children.

This process is referred to as Child Custody Recommending Counseling in some courts. Mediation and Child Custody Recommending Counseling are similar in most ways. My name’s Dan. How are you? I’m going to be your mediator today. Narrator Mediation is a process in which parents spend time with a neutral, specially trained professional Narrator (cont’d) who will listen to their concerns and help them develop a parenting plan that meets the needs of their family. What bothered me the most was that I wouldn’t get to see my daughter every day, and that kind of weighed on me. When parents first come to court it’s scary, and anxiety is heightened, and people are just not able to focus like they normally would in every day circumstances.

They have a fair amount of pessimism about what can possibly be achieved in there, and when you think about it it makes sense, because people come to court precisely because they can’t talk, and then the first thing they’re told to do is please go and try to talk. So as mediators we try to acknowledge those feelings and recognizing, as well, that people do heal. We want to give them an opportunity to consider all kinds of options and an opportunity to come up with their own plan that they can develop and customfit to the needs of their children, focusing not on Mom’s rights or Dad’s, but, again, getting both parents to channel that energy into what’s best for the kids. Most courts in California have a Family Court Services program or other mediation program to help parents mediate their parenting concerns.

What I explain to parents is that there are three goals in mediation. The first goal is to try to help them come up with a plan. The second goal is that that plan needs to be in the child’s best interest, so it’s not necessarily what either parent may want, but it’s what’s going to be best for the child. The third goal is to help the parents reduce acrimony and bitterness between them, so that the children won’t suffer as a result. Child custody mediation is conducted by court mediators who are skilled professionals in the field of psychology, marriage and family child counseling, or social work. By statutory requirements everyone is trained in the area of domestic violence, the impact of domestic violence on children, also substance abuse, family dynamics, issues of child abuse….

A lot of us have experience in the field working either as therapists with families, with kids… Because of our education and training, we’re able to navigate some of those very difficult situations that parents and children face. This whole single parent custody, it was all new and it didn’t really… I had not been here before, you know, I didn’t feel like it came with an instruction packet, so I didn’t really know what to do. My job is to work with you and see if I can help you come… Narrator Mediation provides an opportunity for parents to work out their custody and parenting arrangements. There’s three really important issues that we need to cover in each session. One is the concept of legal custody, the second is the concept of physical custody,.

And then the third, of course, is the custodial schedule. The court would like to have people write comprehensive schedules, schedules that are detailed, for how parents are going to spend time with their children. It really depends. For younger kids it might be a schedule that enables them to remain with the primary caregiver and spend time with the other parent, maybe three or four days a week for a few hours at a time. As the children get older, or they’re already used to overnights, everybody defines their weekend in a unique way. Some parents, a weekend is from after soccer on Saturday until after dinner on Sunday. Another type of issue that we often see is move away requests, where one parents is looking to move out of the area with the kids.

Ventura Divorce Service Provides Alternative To County Courts Frustrating SelfHelp Service

Don’t let the legal system scare you! A People’s Choice is here to make it it fast, easy and hasslefree. And don’t send needless money hiring an attorney for matters you can handle with just a little professional help from A People’s Choice. And so in the beginning I had gone, before I came to A People’s Choice, I had gone to the SelfHelp and.

At the courthouse and I just spent a day or two with not enough. not a lot of uh. information. I didn’t feel like when I left i had a lot information but uh. when I cam into A People’s Choice it was lots of information, lots of resources on how to get things done quick and uh. I wish I would have done that rather than wasting my time at SelfHelp.

And when i was. when i was done with A People’s Choice and from having things done with my custody issues i’ve felt uh. that I had lots of knowledge of what my case was about and how i how I got there. When i was done with A People’s Choice and on things that i needed to have done I just felt like in the end it wasn’t a big complex thing. I didn’t need to be in and out of court and fighting and arguing. It was paperwork that just needed to be signed and agreed upon and it was done instead of having lawyers making us argue and fight.

And make it bigger than it was. When we left there was never anything accomplished because we were always arguing because had we had two attorneys telling us something different. But with A People’s Choice it was this is your option and it was simplified. It wasn’t anything that needed to be huge so it was a lot easier. At the end I saved a ton of money which I wish I would have known ahead of time because i had an attorney that I spent a lot of money.

Doing in in the beginning and I spent a fraction and had things done a lot quicker. i would refer A People’s Choice to anyone any day that wanted to have something done simply efficiently, and not costly.any day. Don’t let the legal system scare you. A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy and hassle free.

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