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Child Custody Rights For Aunts


Today for a little boy found inside an SUV in East Liverpool with two people passed out. It happened last.

Week, but tonight we have an important update. Today First News has learned, the boy is is now with a great aunt.

And uncle in myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is one of the pictures that went viral.

You can see the 4 year old in the back of the SUV. His grandmother slumped over along with her friend.both.

Passed out from an apparent overdose. We blurred the child’s face, but when the city released the images you could clearly see.

The boy’s face. 27 First News weekend anchor, Julie Bercik when straight to the police and safety service departments.

To learn more about their decision. The police chief tells me this was the right decision because it got the fouryearold.

What Rights do Caregivers Parents and Other Family Members Have in Juvenile Court CA Attorney

What rights do caregivers, grandparents, foster parents, aunts, and uncles have to participate in juvenile court? The initial answer is no rights. They have the right to be present to see whats occurring. The only persons who have absolute rights are the parents of the child and/or people who are designated de facto parents. A de facto parent is a parent that the court has recognized. Its somebody who has had a relationship with the child, who has cared for the child, the child has been in their home. They have such a relationship.

With that child a bond with that child that their input to the court will be important to the court to hear and listen to in terms of what should be done with that child. Now grandparents, aunts, uncles, concerned friends should be following the process of the court proceeding. Because if the parents dont follow their case plan, dont reunify with their children, that child will be put up for adoption. So and quite often if the child is been with a foster family, theyve developed a bond with that child, theyll.

Be first in line to adopt. quite often we get calls from grandparents either after parental rights are being terminated, saying that We didnt know this child was in the juvenile process. We dont want this child going to a foster family. What can we do? And in that case, theres very little that we can do. And basically the question that we ask is why werent you involved sooner? Know whats happening to your grandchildren. If the kids are in the juvenile protection system, get involved, go to the court proceedings,.

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