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Child Custody Za



(talking indistinctly) EMERSON: It’s life or death now, James. By that, I mean you’re doing one or the other up in Rockview. This here is District Attorney Rodin. Want to know what he’s wondering?.

Whether you’re gonna walk like a man or cry like a pussy on your way to the death house. See, the D.A. likes the needle, whereas me, I like to see a man like you live a long life with all your teeth knocked out.

Passed around till a brother can’t tell your fart from a yawn. Now, I don’t know what kind of man you are, which of these two fates you prefer, but Rodin here is a generous fellow. He’s willing to let you take your pick.

If you save us and this city a long and costly trial, waive your right to counsel and confess, right now. Sixteen hours. Has to be some kind of record, Detective. What the hell is this? Who the hell is Jack Reacher?.

lt;igt; jack reacher,lt;/igt; born Jack, not John, no middle name, is a ghost. No driver’s license, current or expired. No residence, current or former. No credit cards, no credit history.

No p.o. box, cell phone, email. Nothing. Can you at least tell me who he is? Well, I can tell you who he was. Blood military. lt;igt; Born and raisedlt;/igt; lt;igt; on bases abroad.lt;/igt; lt;igt; Mother was a French national,lt;/igt; lt;igt; father in the Corps.lt;/igt;.

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