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Dad of Hitler Kid Wears Nazi Uniform to Custody Hearing

Campbell is the founder at the new jersey nazi group and abby’s the father of adolf hitler campbell and also joyce elaine area nation campbell beautiful name and he showed up to his custody hearing yesterday informed not steve regalia check out this tutorial some of my children i wanna be a part of a million let me prove to the world and i’m a good father has never been to my children i mean in my children and i don’t think it’s right anymore do you think the uniform over to me i wasn’t sure if the report.

The rear gate judges in durban people doubled within a littleknown sign now what was that mission that story really needs to be pointed out this he’s also a bit of the moose that destruction and full boat on any of the giants lots of hats now yet and takes you think is very poorly drawn by the territory that you’re having a problem with that area inside like that that’s something that really bothers me mister says may or may not be present at him perspective uh.So that here’s an interesting part like that because a lunatic we all get.

Right obvious to where couldn’t be more against them literally uh.But uh.Argument on and robert on whether he should get the kids i wanna be addicts that graphic what pap pap yeah i know i read that uh.I think that that all of you are just on the court today now look distributing the kits of what this bill the says that he would give you seven anyway and he loves his kids i don’t doubt that insane okay so that’s a downside so uh.On names alone and the fact that he’s a nazi alone.

Do you think is canceling well i mean names alone and the fact that he’s not alone are two very different things disguise raising his children no i see that as a form of child to be a but again but then we got to be a ido but then we hear this really broad when you say how much christians who sent more muslims as cetera but rehearsed and also says that raising your children religious in the form of child abuse in nyc revert back patterson disallowed can come and has had a little less as a as.

We just talked about a month in a different story you look you know if you’re profiting with that it isn’t one phrase limiting his or one passage that he gave people as they did with minorities you know back in the day with a passes about slavery center you make that argument you it does not a bridges freedom of speech i meet you should be allowed to be in nazi neo nazi any kind of thing according to a first amendment certain ideas say hey you’re allowed to do that.

But we did tend to wait i would argue that that’s a very interesting first amendment case i think that we did this issue here is that i don’t think i have enough back story about this particular gentleman he is the leader of a large nazi group and perhaps has he committed any hate crimes hasn’t done anything at maybe he hasn’t abuses shelter directly but does he have a criminal record uh.Uh.Continued to you every very keen to take away children from from parents who have like strong from the records oftentimes well no is certainly.

Bows on situate that and i think that this is also situational but you’re right it kind of looks to be the case that they took away his infant son sixteen hours a after his for mexican right from the and put an uh.As a word of the state simply because he was the skies son yesco comes into that almost by definition seems like they didn’t give a chance with his son so i’m curious when you guys think jr first a look at is the reason you know in the graphic.

For hayward the idea too deeply into within that some back replacing responsible for service time dot basis dot i have the right of the diaries the um.Catechal not that it is you don’t know we don’t know what is the the we do know we’ve probably gonna do with if we take in it’s for some of the burden we know the cost of the subsidies and is not actual physical morsel brutal abused we know of it’s hard to and it starts with a think it’ll take care of itself.

You know summers as the look to maybe they’re gonna get you to my maybe something is gonna happen allies people raise certainly sometimes in the called the light accompanies our cities definitely cities your breeding he like the one individually and that’s a call united use that to stop it i feel like is acting as a good week to start stopping cycle while i didn’t see that come in the future of sicily days away but to me the minute they take that the young getaway as you pointed out uh.

Character as the you’re saying he’s guilty because of his ideas and i think that’s a tremendous first amendment problems the loved ones to get in judging how people raise their kids you know you’re going to really get into the fact that there man i mean reporting one charges rates so we bring launch them too knotty with their hands the with a four good night for that seem to be nice other people he’s pretty much in the hate but on the other hand you know use so many ethnicities that issue of other.

Ethnicities are they bringing a twelve anyway i draw the line so i gotta say it you know he’s a nazi i hate the guys but what but not guilty it give misfits agni firstamendment their issues with the first amendment their exceptions in certain situations you go to germany it is not what i walk out like this in germany he did president is second to canada told kind of nazi uh.Rig alia there you can’t you can’t say heil hitler in the streets you you’ll get arrested for.

Because of the background that now obviously you know world war two didn’t happen on american soil but many americans died in world war two and many of the descendants of the jews who were killed in the concentration camps live here now and i think that it has that same of on people who live in america uh.Many generations later as it does on certain people who live in germany and so obviously legally it’s really hard to make a decision i’m glad i’m actually not sitting on this custody panel because it would be hard to make that decision.

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