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Custody Battles And Depression

Having Panic Attacks Being Depressed and Moving Past It

‘Sup, you beautiful bastards! Blargh there’s hair on my face! ‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday If you’re new here, on the weekends, I don’t really talk about the news, I do more community stuff. Questions, mailbag, etc. Yesterday, I asked you guys to send me tutorial questions. You sent them and then I ended up talking about one thing yesterday If you didn’t see it, it’s my big secret. For me, it felt like an important tutorial to make and so I just put that out by itself ’cause it also took up so much time. But I also want to answer as many questions as possible, so here we go!.

Girl: my frontfacing camera isn’t working right now, but I was wondering how you’re feeling in dad girl: world with Trey going off to his first day of preschool this week. It’s pretty exciting So excited, so nervous. One, I want him to make friends and have a good time and be happy in school and learn and be smart. But I also know that means that even be around other kids and there’s gonna be asshole kids. Also gonna haveta deal with parents and they’re gonna be some weird asshole parents, too. But there’s also gonna be some great ones. I think I’m a little more nervous because Lindsay went to this thing the other night and she was like, quot;Yeah, Trey saw like this.

Fiveyearold boy.quot; I guess the fiveyearold was some kid from some other family blogger thing. My son Trey who’s two is like trying to like kind of play with the fiveyearolds and they just weren’t having it. They were like, quot;Go Away!quot; and then at one point they’re like, quot;Hey look there’s the kid that was trying to play with us, haha!quot; When my wife told me this I was like, quot;I don’t know what I would have fucking donequot; I can’t slap someone else’s child and then I’m like, quot;am I just gonna be passive aggressive with a child? Am I gonna get into a fight with another parent over something?quot; Mentally, that’s where I’m at right now.

Snap: Which content creator not on YouTube inspires you the most? There’s a few of them: the oncamera guys, The Rock, Kevin Hart, Chris Pratt. Just guys that really you feel like they like pulled themselves up and they just work their asses off. Tech world you have guys like Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk. I think the thing that ties them all together, just guys trying to maximize their time on this planet snap: do think there is any point where people should not be allowed to make up to a certain amout of money snap: like should there be a maximum income.

See, here’s the thing I’m a businessman, capitalist at heart I don’t think there should be any like limits there, I don’t think the government should be involved in that. That said, I do understand that the government needs to be involved to prevent monopolies and duopolies. But in general, I’m not a big believer in capping off or limiting someone’s potential. If I can make a crap ton of money while also employing a bunch of people that hopefully I’m paying a fantastic wage, then great I look to guys like Bill Gates and I’m like, this guy accomplished so much you got so much money he’s trying to put so much good in.

The world I look to guys like Elon Musk. If there had been some sort of cap, there’d be no reason for Elon Musk to do what he does. But I also understand that the .1% richest people in the world they don’t all do what these guys do but yeah that’s my opinion. snap: What is your favorite and least favorite part about living in California? One hundred eight degrees?! Was that the valley today? I was gonna say the weather, but now I don’t know. Yeah, no, I’ll stick with that the.

Weather most of the time and then the worst thing I’m gonna feel like an asshole for saying this the people. And I don’t mean like everyone it’s just that in like in L.A., there’s a lot of douchey egomaniacs. But there’s bad people everywhere snap: first time somebody ever told you that you inspired them, how did you react to that? it’s a huge deal, especially to just a guy that just like felt like he didn’t matter for the first 20 plus years of his life so that I can put myself out there and then hopefully inspire other people to put themselves out there and produce more good in this world and the thing is all.

Difficult Personalities in a Child Custody Case Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney David Pisarra

Hey Guys David Pisarra here with MensFamilyLaw . Have you got a personality disordered spouse? Is that what we’re dealing with in a a child custody case? Listen up and let’s see what you’ve got. There’s three main problem personality types we deal with in divorce and child custody cases. There’s a manicdepressive and they kinda have an up down problem. they go from being really happy to really sad to really happy to really sad. They’re not that big of a deal when it comes to child custody, then we’ve got the narcissistic. the narcissistic personality is somebody who its all about them. No matter what you’re doing it’s about.

How it affects them. No matter what you’re saying, it’s how they look. No matter what you’re doing, it’s how they’re going to feel. The third most dangerous one that we deal with is the borderline personality. This is somebody that looks at you and in the beginning part of your relationship you probably were the prince charming, you probably were the best thing that ever happened. The most wonderful boyfriend, the most fantastic husband. and along came a child and the focus shifted and when the focus shifted, you suddenly became worthless, useless, the worst thing ever, horrible, the meanest, most inconsiderate, thoughtless, terrible, negligent, incompetent parent of all time. That’s the borderline.

Personality. You’re going from one extreme to the other. You go from Oh My God you’re the best thing ever to, horrible horrendous, terrible parent. The problem that we deal with is, Narcissistic and Borderline personalities can’t really be cured. and they’re very difficult to deal with when we get into court because they’re usually very convincing. They’re very manipulative. They’re very good at making the judge feel like quot;Well they’re just the most concerned parent ever, and you clearly are just a negligent human being.quot; So when we’re dealing with these as parties in a divorce, we frequently have to bring in a psychologist to try and explain what’s going on and we put each side through some testing to figure.

Out what’s really going on and with the personalities and who’s going to be the more stable and loving parent. And who’s really telling the truth. Because oftentimes the really controlling manipulative person is able to spin things so that it looks like you are the one that’s wrong. Even though they are the ones who are at fault. I hope that gives you a sort of a brief overview of what we’re dealing with here with the manic depressive personality, the narcissistic personality and the borderline. I’m not psychologist, so you probably gotta do some research on that but those are generally what we end up in family court, and those are the battles that we have to fight. If you’ve got other questions, you want to talk.

To me about it, feel free to take a look around the website, check out the tutorials and the blogs and give me a call. And remember, a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything. Take care.

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