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Custody Hearing Lawyers

David Pisarra, Los Angeles Divorce and ChildCustody Lawyer. Internationally recognized expert on men’srights. Wall street journalMen don’t know what they don’t know. It’s about empowering men, not bashing women.Internationally Recognized Child Custody Author. You as a lawyer?I think you’re. my own experience has been amazing. I mean it’s like, you’re fair, reasonableand realistic..

What Is Court Ordered Mediation Explained by Los Angeles Child Custody Lawyer David Pisarra

Do you want to know what court ordered mediationis? let me help you out. My name is David Pisarra. I’m with MensFamilylaw we representnoncustodial parents mostly fathers in child custody cases. Once a Child Custody case isopened, and whether that happens through a divorce or a paternity case, isn’t reallythe matter but a request for orders has been filed, meaning somebody has gone to courtand is asking the judge to change the orders for visitation, and custody of the child.The first thing that happens is court ordered conciliation court date is set. That’s basicallymediation with a social worker. Mother and father are brought in. Usually they meet separatelywith the social worker whose job it is to

try and bring the parties to a mutual agreementon as many issues as possible before they go see the judge. Oftentimes they will meetwith the custodial parent first, frequently that’s mom, then they’ll meet with dad andthey”ll go through the list of the days they are trying to get together. Whether it’s weekendvisitations, midweek visitations. Sometimes it’s holidays, how are we going to divvy upthe Christmas Holiday and the Spring Break Holiday and Summer Holiday. But it’s a freeprocess and most counties require it prior to going to see the judge. Usually it’s heldthe day of the hearing in the morning and then there’s an afternoon session with thejudge. Or in busy counties like Los Angeles

County, sometimes you’ll have your conciliationcourt date, which is the mediation earlier. You could have that two, three four sometimesweeks before your actual hearing date and then you go in and see the judge on thoseissues you couldn’t agree on. Feel free to check out the rest of the website, watch theother tutorials, please read my books and remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake willget you through just about everything..

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