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Custody Jace

How are you and the boys? me and the boys are doing great, me and jace we see each other every weekend, he comes and spends the night. Kaiser is currently living with me during the week and he’ll see Nathan on the weekends. Do you have custody of Jace yet? I currently don’t have custody of Jace yet, were still going through the battle so we’ll see how that works out. How is your relationship with you mom, Babs, now? I mean were doing fine, she is happy that I’m not with Nathan and I’m just living the single life and being.

Happy. shes sees how stress free i am away from the bad relationship i was in and i think she is really happy for me. Does Jace ever talk about his dad? No, Jace so far has never brought up his dad. I don’t know how I am going to explain that to him because someone asked me that recently. I think I am going to wait till the time that he comes to me and asks and then I am going to tell him he wasn’t involved, and show him who he is and try and contact him together. I’ve tried everything to try and have him see him and it didn’t.

Work out. what is one of your favorite moments with your sons? my favorite moments with my sons every time is when both of them spend time together and both of them get along. Jace is so overprotective of Kaiser, its crazy. Do you want to have more kids? Eventually in the future I want to have more kids, I want to try for another girl but, as of right now I have birth control in my arm for three years, so I am putting that on hold for a while. I want to get back in school and get that started again. Thank you everyone for.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans on 2016 Life Career Goals

What would you like to accomplish before you are 30 years old? i would say have a house bought, Jace back, graduated from Surgical Tech school, be working as a Surgical Tech or maybe in school for nursing, I’m not sure yet, and whether I’m in a relationship or not, I’m kinda happy being independent and the person I am. Any thoughts on writing a book? Honestly, I’m actually in the process of writing a book and it’s going to be an autobiography about my life of course before Teen Mom, during, and of course currently.

What’s going to be different from the other girls is that it’s going to have all my childhood diaries in it, like 10 of them. How are you juggling being a mom and going to school? Well as of right now I’m not going to school but of course while I was in school I did have Kaiser, and you know I was pregnant with Kaiser during school, had him during school, went right back a week after and went and finished school. So I mean you just have to make sure you have a plan before you start school. Like who’s going to watch the child.

When they get home, are you going to be in school, can you take night classes when the children get home and can someone watch them at night. There’s always ways around it and there’s always a schedule you can work out. You can go 2 days a week, you can go 3 days a week, you don’t have to go full time. Are you still working or interested in the medical field? I’m not working in the medical field right now because I just moved, but I am very interested in it of course and I’m looking to get back in school. Thank you everyone.

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