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Custody Rights For Unmarried Fathers South Africa

Hello, I am John Hind, Director of the CompassResolution Network of Family Mediators, and member of the Footprint Aftercare Serviceteam. The primary purpose of this collaborationis to provide families with the best opportunity to reach their own private child maintenanceagreements, outside of the statutory child maintenance service CMS. We also provide the added security and peaceof mind of maintenance insurance and, all for less than the cost of maintenance securedthrough the CMS. We do all this with our Footprint online calculator,mediation and financial support teams working

together to help and support separated couplesand their children. Footprint have partnered with Compass ResolutionLtd to offer a mediation service to support parents who find themselves unable to communicatebut still wishing to reach their own agreements. This also often involves sorting out childarrangements and reaching financial agreements concerning the division of assets and pensions,thus avoiding court and the child maintenance service.    The Footprint and Compass Resolution teamare committed to doing everything possible to help separated parents to do all this inthe most cost effective and stress free way.

However, as with every great product and service,the initial challenge for us is to ensure that people are aware of the offer so thatthey can find out more and take advantage of it.  The Footprint offer is no exception. Our hope is that this tutorial will simply gosome way towards raising people’s awareness and encourage them to visit the Footprintwebsite to find out more. So, if you are planning to separate or you havealready separated and want to sort out secure child maintenance payments, and other mattersrelating to your separation,

If you struggle to communicate or agree anythingtogether but still wish to avoid court and keep your costs to a minimum, Footprint and our family mediation supportnetwork are here to help. Please visit our website, ask for our supportand we will be there for you.

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