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Divorce Child Support Calculator Quebec

Sittwe, Myanmar For decades, Buddhist locals have persecutedthe minority Rohingya Muslim community. In 2012, sectarian violence against the Rohingyaforcibly displaced 140,000 people. Human Rights Watch has called the situationan “ethnic cleansing.� Some Buddhists have justified the violenceas a preemptive response to the rise of an Islamic State. In February 2015, Rohingya voting rights wererepealed after protests from right wing Buddhist groups.

Myanmar law denies the Rohingya people citizenship,limits them to two children, and restricts travel.

Common Law Versus Marriage in Ontario

Hi, my name is Brian Galbraith, and I’m theowner of Galbraith Family Law Professional Corporation. We’re a law firm of divorce lawyerslocated in Barrie, Newmarket, and Orillia. I’m often asked what’s the difference betweenthe end of a common law relationship and the end of a marriage. Well there are similarities,and there are differences. The way common law couples are treated for the purposes ofcustody and access related to the children of course and support. It doesn’t matter whetherit was a common law relationship or marriage. Really, it doesn’t matter except if you’rein a common law relationship for less than three years you’re not eligible to get spousalsupport. That’s not the case with marriage.

So, support issues are treated the same way.Custody and access based on the best interest of the children. The big difference betweena common law relationship ending and a marriage ending is how property division is dealt with.In a common law relationship there’s an assumption that his is his and hers is hers. That isyou don’t have a right to share your partner’s property when you separate after a commonlaw relationship. That’s not necessarily the case in familylaw. In family law, there’s an equalization of the value of property that was acquiredduring the relationship. So, his is his and hers is hers, but the value of the propertyacquired during the marriage is equalized.

So if one person comes out of the marriagewith a larger sum of assets, he or she has to pay half the difference to their spouse. Now there’s a complicated formula so I’m justtouching on the highlights of the differences, but one of our lawyers can help you figureout the nuances for your situation. So, if you’ve found this tutorial helpful please giveit a thumbs up. If you’d like to learn more information or have a consultation with oneof our lawyers just go to our website which is galbraithfamilylaw . That’s GALBRAITHfamily law dot com. There is a link below. Thank you hope this has been helpful.

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