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Ecuador Mother Earth Rights

Because your child is involved, if eitheryou or your former spouse wants to move to another part of the city or to the other sideof the world, in Missouri there are a set of statutes to follow so that the child isn’tharmed by the move. A party seeking to relocate must send viacertified mail notice at least sixty days in advance of the proposed relocation, andthe notice must include several components, including the proposed date of relocation,the proposed new address and phone number, the reasons for the proposed move, and a proposednew schedule of physical custody. Once a party receives a relocation notice,that party cannot just sit back and wait;

doing so will result in allowing the relocationto proceed. If a party wishes to prevent relocation, that party must file a Motion and Affidavitto Prevent Relocation within thirty days of the receipt of the relocation notice. Thisis a strictly enforced deadline. After the filing of the Motion and Affidavit, the partyseeking relocation has fourteen days to file a response, and the matter will be set fora hearing before the court. A trial court can only grant relocation ifit finds it was made in good faith and is in the best interests of the child. Whilethese criteria seem a bit ambiguous, and do give the trial court a great deal of discretion,they have more specific meaning. If a relocation

isn’t made in Good faith, it simply meansacting with an improper motive, usually with the intent to deprive the other parent offrequent and meaningful contact with the child. But of course, the Best Interests Standardrequires the court to apply the same factors as in any custody decision. Relocation cases usually involve thoroughexamination of the financial basis of the proposed move, the attempt by the relocatingparent to find suitable employment without relocating, and the impact on the childrenof changing schools and communities. Making a successful case on either side of the relocationissue requires presentation of extensive evidence,

and can require retention of experts and eventhe appointment of a guardian ad litem. Consequently, relocation cases are complex and require theskill of an experienced attorney..

Cormac Cullinan If Mother Nature Could Sue Festival of Dangerous Ideas Ideas at the House

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon and welcometo the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. My name is Alessandro Pelizzon. I’m a lecturer at Lawat Southern Cross University, and it’s a great honour for meto welcome you all to this talk. If you haven’t done so, can I remind you to switch offyour mobile phones, please? And if you wish to tweet, please feelfree to do so. The code is fodi.

Now, given today’s topic,it is particularly important for me to begin by acknowledgingthe country that we are sharing, the country that the ancestors have entrusted the Gadigal peoplewith looking after, and in so doing, I want to recogniseall the political implications of this act. Namely, this act raises questions about any competing hegemonicclaim to country.

But most importantlyfor today’s talk, I would like to remind us allthat ‘country’ for Aboriginal people is far more than a sense of belongingto an abstract geopolitical entity. In the words of Deborah Bird Rose, quot;Country is the nexusof interconnectedness, quot;relationships and identity, quot;country is all the beingsthat surround us, quot;all the phenomena that binds usand shape us,

quot;country is all the relations amongand with such beings and phenomena, quot;and country is all the stories within which such relationsare encoded.quot; It is with this in mind that I would like to pay my respectto the owners of such stories, the elders past, present and future. And since country is notonly inscribed in space, here, but also in time, now,

I’d like to thank Cormacfor his time with us today. But I would also like to thank youall for your time with us today, and in the words of the Lakota peopleof North America, mitakuye oyasin, ‘all is relations’. Now, in 1972 Professor Christopher Stoneasked a very provocative question should trees have standing, or in other words,should trees have rights

that can be representedin a court of law? Many eyebrows were raised back then. Three decades later, ecotheologian Thomas Berrytook the ideas a little bit further and suggested that since we areall part of an interconnected system of beings and phenomena, and since the wellbeingof each member of the system is dependent on and connected to thewellbeing of the system as a whole,

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