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How do i get full custody of my children? hi! i’m eric engel, a Seattle child custody lawyer with the Engel Law Group. The first thing you need to find out is do you have a parenting plan in place right now? A parenting plan is a set of rules that the court uses to determine who gets your child when versus the other parent. If you currently have a parenting plan then you need to.

Stop and you need to consider filing a modification of the parenting plan because somebody already has custody of your children. Now, if there’s not a parenting plan in place then you need to file a petition for a parenting plan. Or if you’re married, you’re going to need to file for divorce or legal separation in order to get a parenting plan put in place. The.

Court looks at a variety of factors in determining who should be the primary custodian in a parenting plan. The court is going to look at the strength and nature of your relationship with your child in other words, how strong is the bond that you have versus how strong is the bond with the other parent. Take a look at the stability of your life. Are you.

In a stable situation? do you have employment? is your employment flexible? For example, if you need to, can you get off work early to pickup your child from school? These are the sort of factors that the court will need to look at. Also, they’re going to look at other factors such as drug or alcohol use, or if someone has a criminal history, or a history.

Of domestic violence. these last few factors can radically affect a person’s right to see their child. In fact, they can result in supervised visitation if you have one of those factors present. Why am I telling you this? Because you need to be aware what the factors are that a court considers when deciding who to place your children with. Are they going to place your.

Agnostic Dad Loses Custody Of Kids

This at the start of the young texans brought to you by jack that do is a man in indiana he’s having some of madeline she’s in fact is the worst got three kids these have arrangement for sharing because that was fine accuses serb recently for a number of reasons which i’ll explain a little bit above the coordinating the ruling on how they would show the kids.

Uh. we got a new story here on what they could be because generation to make that willing which is absolute lou guido regis so let’s watch the store for the past four years he’s lived his life like many divorced dads sharing fiftyfifty custody of his three children.

About him actually a m and ended up last week rex carburetor argues that time with his kids would be cut the just four hours a week and every other weekend mainland around me and my children for more than fiveten minutes dancy the love the one that’s their dispute with because that was perfect.

Since they’ve been born i have been accepted the medal searching the ruling he found judge george hancock wrote the father did not participate in the same religious training is the mother you noted that the father was agnostic goes on to say that when the father considered himself a christian the parties were able to communicate relatively effectively i had never uh. impose my belief systems on the children.

Macbeth accuse go to a christian day care uh. that when we had really all i had to agree to the last you know threefour years aside from all the friction and a motion with his exwife scarborough veteran of the u_s_ navy says his constitutional rights that he fought for had been trampled and at the highest degree because nothing else is important to me in this world other than my relationship with.

Those kids discovery says he will appeal the judge’s ruling ill have until december first to do that and then two weeks later he’ll hold a protest here in madison county forefathers rights in edition record reciprocity ideas this is better unbelievable story it’s as you see out of anderson indiana.

Uh. and and he has in his cracks carver is yusof and it in racially they have disagreement at another show the kids but they’ve been having trouble lately because uh. now that’s why claims this car break come once came to our office who was going out ur.

Expletives outlook then at the court said it’s garber a presented no risk whatsoever to the kids and that that was not an issue at all right the is there a conflict not less carburetors of his exwife.

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