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Father Custody Stories

hey guys David Pisarra here from MensFamilyLaw .If you’ve got an ex and she won’t let you see quot;her kidquot; you need to call me. I’ve helpedhundreds of fathers and I can help you get more time with your kid. Check out my websitetoday at MensFamilyLaw . Do It For You. Do It For The Kid..

Divorce Attorney Austin Dads Rights Evans Law Group

Male Voice: The Evans Family Law Group: providinga full spectrum of family law services. James Evans: There is nowhere in the statutes,there’s nowhere in the family code, there’s nowhere in the courts or court decisions…thatdads…this idea of protecting dad’s rights. There was a time that I think professionalswould acknowledge that the courts had a bias, but it just doesn’t exist anymore. In this day and age, where people have flexiblejobs and they work for themselves, I have routinely gotten dads who are flexible withtheir work schedules 50/50 custody situations. Or expanded custody. Modified child supportsituations.

What it’s really about is, Are you consistentwith your kids? What’s the nature of your relationship with them? Are you bonded tothem? Are you stable? Do you live close enough? Are you participating in their school? Dotheir teachers know you? Do their s know you? I mean, how connected are you withtheir lives? That’s what the court’s looking for. Thisnotion that a dad doesn’t have rights or that the courts going to look at, for example,a mom with unmanaged bipolar and it’s not being treated over a dad who doesn’t haveany of those issues and is completely plugged in with their kids. And that that dad doesn’thave a fair shot at a primary custody of a

four year old is ludicrous. It’s about representation, and it’s aboutthe particular circumstances of those parents. And ultimately comes down to what’s in thebest interest of that child. And the courts these days…I litigate a lot, and I can tellyou the courts really are gender neutral. The only time that I can honestly say thatI see that that’s an issue is when you have infants. Infants for example, who are breast feeding.But that quickly fades, I would say, after about 12 months. Once a kiddo transitionsto real food and starts to transition to a

place where moms can pump and provide milkand freeze milk, you know, dads have the right to be able to see their child, even theirinfant child. And it’s particularly important during thatformative phase to have a lot of, not duration of time, but a lot of time. Maybe an hour,and an hour, and an hour to be in front of that kiddo, to hold them, feed them and learntheir ticks. And get to know them. Male Voice: When life’s path takes an unplannedturn, called the Evans Family Law Group for a consultation at 6282550.The Evans FamilyLaw Group: providing a full spectrum of family law services.

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