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Fathers Rights New York

So we like the new concert at fights on the show but that today we have a reagan catfight insect uh. some of ronald reagan michael reagan is on one side he’s against gay rights patty davis daughter ronald reagan on the other side first let’s hear from mike i don’t believe in gamers many people don’t believe that magic i think you.

Have a debate on that i don’t believe that i think it does send a slippery slope i think if you accept a redefinition of marriage then you’re going to have to accept a redefinition all the way down the wife if you do in fact defying marriages to people gay married whether mail in male female and female then at.

Some point you may have to say do you agree with polygamy do you think it’s all right to bring more than one percent do you think it’s ok for a bisexual to in fact mary a male and a female if you were in fact insisted bill peter that i’ll agree to that they’ll attack made for quoting insane in an op ed piece was being said important across.

America art education was being said important five days of the questions being after those people fighting for gay marriage wired to upset with everybody else were really upset with me well actually we are upset with others i love like he quotes other bigoted people in the courtrooms if in favor of made sure he marries doesn’t happen.

Basis answered arguments and they get knocked out every time now look at the in the case of multiple people at least is a uh. you know something and hang their hat on but usually go to bestiality is uh. so often these circum caters to which of course is not a consensual incest nonessential inet in his legal.

Sense et cetera goes on and on and on and we’ve heard all these analogies before but you know what in this case we’re not going bhagya slavery and his sister patty davis is to talk to the new york times and uh. he says i grew up in an era where your parents friends were all called aunt and uncle.

Milan and and and and we saw them on holidays other times we’ve talked about it but i just understood that they were couple that’s interesting ’cause growing old ronald reagan apparently had friends who were lesbians.

And have absolutely no problem with it she that was a story about rock hudson and what her father told it was interesting sos once wish your father were watching a rock hudson will be miss davis said.

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music plays Let us be lovers we’ll marry our fortunes together. I’ve got some real estate here in my bag. Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike They’ve all come to look for America. All come to look for America.

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