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Georgia Child Custody Laws 2014

beginning of themanelyfirmpcdivorcejul14001 audio GRAPHIC: MANELY, LAWRENCEVILLE, MARIETTA, ATLANTA, CANTON, SAVANNAH, GA. Male: We serve infants and grandparents, soldiers and civilians, nonresidents and residents. Female: We make sure that you get the best team to meet your legal needs in your community. Female: We take the time to make sure that our clients are aware of all of their options when preparing for divorce to providing online instruction on how to better parent through.

Divorce. we direct our clients to the resources they need for a brighter future. Male: We seek amicable resolution outside the court room if at all possible but when its not we move swiftly and strategically for the court system to prevail. Male: We live, work and play in the communities we serve. We understand the intricacies of how the local court systems work and how judges prefer a case to be presented. GRAPHIC: MICHAEL E. MANELY THE MANLEY FIRM, P.C..

Michael manely: you know the statistics, divorce happens. my name is michael manely of the Manely Firm, P.C. and in 25 years we have helped thousands of families work toward their brighter future. Our commitment to this vision is both transformative and revolutionary. Let us show you the way family law should be done. Male: To learn more about how we practice family law please contact us. GRAPHIC: THE MANELY FIRM, PC, Bridging the gap between justice and families. All family.

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