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Joint Custody And Child Support Nevada

Welcome to our channel. The goal of this channel, and the podcast that we’re going to be publishing, is to educate the general public on recent Nevada Supreme Court decisions so you can know what your rights are in various.

Fields of law. today i want to present the best interest factors. These are the factors that a family court judge must go through and analyze in order to determine whether a parent or parents should get physical custody.

Over their children or child. these factors are listed in the Nevada Revised Statute 125c.0035, again NRS .c . NRS 125c.0035 subsection 4 and they are a through l . a through L so a b c d e f g h i j k l that’s 12.

Factors that are listed. now the statute also says that the court can look at any other factors in order to term . determine best interest not just those 12. But I’m going to go through those 12 because the court must go through.

Every single one of them in every case involving physical custody, and umm . the reason we know this is Nevada Revised. Nevada . I’m sorry Nevada Supreme Court in the Rivero decision Rivero versus Rivero and again in the Bluestein decision and.

In many many other decisions have stated again and again that the district court level judge must go through these factors in determining physical custody. So I will go through each one of them.

Briefly. the first factor a is the wishes of the child. What can we take from that being the first one. It would seem like because its first, it must be the most important.

Factor. and indeed a lot of judges give a lot of weight to the wishes of the child. However, the child has to be of suitable age and discretion in order for the wishes to count. Now I know of no judge that will put the child on the.

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