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Legal Aid Child Custody Los Angeles

Hey guys, dave pisarra here with mensfamilylaw . i want to talk to you today about marriages that are kinda in the basic divorce category. that’s gonna be your marriage of 110 years. You maybe have a kid or two, probably own a home. Maybe somebody’s a stay at home parent and the other one’s the wage earner. That’s gonna be your basic divorce, and what’s basically going to happen here is one parent is gonna have the child and primarily 80 % of the time and the other parent is gonna have the child basically 20% of the time. That’s like every.

Other weekend and like a wednesday night pizza dinner deal. sorta the stereotypical thing that dads get is the every other weekend and wednesday night pizza dinner. that makes a big difference when it comes to figuring out what child support is going to be because child support is based on how much time each parent spends with the child. so because Dad’s only going to have like maybe 20% time and dad’s the primary wage earner his child support is going to be based on that which mens he can figure about 25% of his gross paycheck.

Is going to be child support, then when we try and figure out why alimony or spousal support is going to be it depends on whether or not the other parent has a job and how quickly they can get up to being employed and have a job to become self supporting. When it comes to the property division the money, the stocks the bonds, the actual house just figure split it all in half that’s basically what happens in most divorces is we take al lthe assets divide them in half so husband and wife each get half and then we figure.

Out what alimony is going to be and what child support is going to be. when it comes to child custody the holidays usually we rotate them and this is your stereotypical sort of average divorce that most people get. Hope that helped you, feel free to give me some questions if want to email me or call me, I answer questions all the time like this. So feel free to give a call and hey remember, a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything.

What are the Chances of Getting 5050 Custody of Children

Hi. my husband has major concerns for his children’s well being as their mother manipulates them, and keeps very important information from us. Weve had to fight just to see them every fortnight (2 phone calls on nonvisit weeks). That costs us lots of money, but we have realised its not a good environment for them to be in. Usually it works on the Mother’s side, she also loves the child support we pay her so would not want to agree to the 50/50. What are the chances? Go to LawAnswers .au/, Australias 1 Legal Aid and Legal Questions Site, like I did, to learn more.

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