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Michigan State Child Custody Laws

I’m attorney charles kronzek, if your family law case your divorce case involves the custody of a minor child here’s what you need to know an initial custody determination begins with an analysis of the status quo what’s been going on is there’s a primary care giver for the child the primary parent or the duties pretty equally shared because the court needs to make a determination as to whether or not a proposed new custody order will change the status quo or the established custodial environment that sets the bar for the more important analysis.

That every judge has to do before custody is decided that’s called an analysis of the best interest of the child factors so where more factors may favor your spouse or you the court may feel that some are less important than the others it’s not okay and it’s not safe just to say who has more factors or less factors in their favor or against them but in any event it’s required that those findings be done on the record the initial determination for a temporary custody order is made at a conciliation conference which is held at the.

Friend of the court most of the time attorneys are not present for those conferences but from time to time I make a determination that we are needed to be there so either I or one of our family law attorney team members may be present once the initial custody recommendation is made by the friend of the court investigator it will be signed by the judge and you’ll have a temporary custody order either parent can object to that custody order and the attorneys do the objections in a specific format once the objections are filed you move on to the.

Michigan Childrens Protective Services Defense Attorney

Cps workers can be the biggest bully on the block for many families. it’s amazing how many families let CPS workers come into their homes, inspect their homes, give them access to confidential medical records, give them drug screens, give them access to their children, usually because they are intimidated or they are afraid or they think they have to do those things. What’s even more amazing is that often times lawyers and prosecutors and occasionally even judges are intimidated by CPS. Or, it seems like people in the system don’t want.

To bite the hands that feed them. if you are in court, you find that you think the guardian ad litem, or the children’s attorney is in that category as well. Our view of what we do for parents when we are working on a CPS case or a neglect abuse case, as they are called in Michigan, is to stand in the gap between CPS, or Child Protective Services and the family. We have a simple two part strategy. One, we want to have your children in your home. And two, we want to have the government out of your home. We are experts.

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