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Michigan Unwed Mother Custody

Hey everybody. this week on ask cristen we’re talking aboutwho’s we?why age is a number, sure, but it’s also a lot more than a number like for instance a set of globally inconsistent and historically mangled and rather confusing laws. This week’s Ask Cristen question came a while back from Alexsmilestolies. ‘What’s your opinion on different legal ages of consent? Is the ability to give consent even measurable in age or legally?’ Question mark. To answer your first question of what my opinion is.

Of all these different legal ages of consent, a) i think it’s super confusing, b) i think it reflects how we culturally approach sexual maturity, particularly of girls, 3) nope that would be c) I think it promotes a lot of mixed messages about what is and isn’t okay and acceptable behavior between people. There is an absolute utility and importance of having these kinds of laws in place in order to create legal ramifications for things like statutory rape and pedophilia. At the same time that leaves a lot of other people wondering what.

Is and isn’t right. a lot of this really started to emerge in england in the 18th century with this growing concept of childhood as distinct very definitively from adulthood. People starting to get concerned about the welfare of children, placing these ages of consent laws in place. They placed them in place. In a lot of European countries the age of consent at this time was 13. In early, early America, the ages of consent were even lower, usually 10 to 12 years old. A lot of it was scientifically based on the average age of menarche or when.

Someone gets their period for the first time, aka when aunt flow first comes a knocking and says hello, oh god! And then spills red koolaid all over your white pants. Then when you have more urbanization and industrialization, more women working outside the home and being unmarried at the same time, you see ages of consent starting to rise because there is that moralizing over oh my god we must protect the women from themselves and also from these men. It’s focused on women because women are the ones who can get pregnant and pregnancy.

Out of wedlock was also an economic liability. and it’s also worth noting in a horrific kind of way that these kinds of laws that were being enacted were exclusively intended and executed to protect white women. This is the era in which legally speaking, black women could not be raped. The racist ideology at the time maintained that black women as well as black men were hypersexualized creatures and thus would always be playing the role of temptress rather than ever possibly being the victims of rape. Which might sound astonishing.

Today but was just the way of life. let’s talk about now and alex’s second question of whether it’s even possible to quantify when someone can give consent in a healthy and knowledgeable kind of way by age or legality. Generally speaking yes, because at some point in order to codify this you have to establish some kind of benchmark. That benchmark tends to sway somewhere between 13 and 17. Really big window. As William Saletan outlined so well at Slate. Our bodies prepare us pubertywise for sex and our brains start thinking about.

Sex before our psyches are really that mature and that happens before our emotions are fully mature, if I mean does that ever even like happen though. I can also attest to that disconnect between the time when our bodies and sex brains for lack of a better term develop and when our maturity psychologically and emotionally develop. Because at the time I absolutely thought I was mature enough and ready to have this kind of relationship with a significantly older guy that probably would have gotten like superphysical, superfast. Looking back.

Now through my adult eyes i can see how he and i were on completely different playing fields, not even so much physically, but more psychologically, experientially and maturitywise. And I’m honestly grateful in retrospect that it wasn’t allowed to happen due to my parents being like, whoa, no. Not because the guy was some kind of predator but rather because he saw me as someone more mature both physically and sexually probably, and mentally then I actually was. Please keep in mind that a) I’m recounting a personal experience that.

Fifty Shades of Grey

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lt;igt; you know i can’t stand it lt;/igt; lt;igt; Your running around lt;/igt; lt;igt; You know better, Daddy lt;/igt; lt;igt; I can’t stand it ’cause you put me down lt;/igt; lt;igt; Oh, no lt;/igt; lt;igt; I put a spell on you lt;/igt;.

lt;igt; because you’re mine lt;/igt; lt;igt; You know I love you lt;/igt; lt;igt; I love you, I love you lt;/igt; lt;igt; I love you anyhow lt;/igt; lt;igt; And I don’t care if you don’t want me lt;/igt; lt;igt; I’m yours right now lt;/igt;.

lt;igt; i put a spell on you lt;/igt; lt;igt; Because you’re mine lt;/igt; Woman Ana, take my car. I gave you the recorder, right? Oh. Yes. And you have all the questions?.

Yes. And you know where you’re going? Yes, I do have a GPS. And a 4.0 GPA. I can figure it out. Are you wearing that? Okay, maybe a little less talking. More eating.

laughs How about that? lt;igt; You know I can’t stand it lt;/igt; lt;igt; Your running around lt;/igt; lt;igt; You know better, Daddy lt;/igt; lt;igt; I can’t stand it ’cause you put me down lt;/igt;.

lt;igt; oohooh lt;/igt; Wow. lt;igt; I put a spell on you lt;/igt; lt;igt; Because you’re mine lt;/igt; lt;igt; Because you’re mine lt;/igt; Elevator Bell Dings .

lt;igt; because you’re mine lt;/igt; Is Mr. Grey’s 5:00 confirmed? Miss Kavanagh? Receptionist On Phone Yes. Uhhuh. May I take your coat? Oh. Yes.

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