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Moms Rights Child Support

Hello everyone this is tee with say it in love dot com this clip that im about to show should further let us know black people black men have no rights in the united states buying Jordans shouldnt be our priority issues like this take a look at this clip and Ill be back to give some comments Carnell Alexander is a wanted man tonight the state of Michigan is demanding he pay thousands dollars or go to prison child support case out of control 7 action news case with a bizarre twist everybody agrees the kid is not his.

Carnell alexander news 1991 traffic stop in detroit youre a dead beat dad the cop said youre a wanted man knew I didnt have a child locked up Carnell was arrested for failing to pay almost 70,000 dollars in child support fathered a child 1987 court order pay Carnell not my child told me it was too late to get DNA test proved Carnell was not the dad judge she told me fact DNA contact 24 years stick case closed I got to pay court records show that Carnell ignored a court order paternity process server Highland Park deliver summons.

Sign arrested as a young man locked up house knowledge child support case pending against me case someone had put Carnells name on an application for welfare benefits and ex when her baby was born had to turn to welfare get assistance take care of them put him down as the father that was the only way I could get assistance face fighting to help Carnell everything is my fault he have to pay this money pay I want everything to go away life not my child whats right months ago judge did erase the debt that Carnell owned that.

Mom of the kid thats not his but not the debt owed to the state 30,000 dollars for welfare benefits paid over the years keep fighting all of the debt is erased Kim Russell 7 action news reporter 8th grade education job attorney written article educate ourselves formal education common sense and street knowledge three justice system court lady claim child DNA test court running contact DNA test paid finically responsibility for this child wrong illegal Texas story Houston black man trouble father child not his courts money Texas law.

Retroactively brothers helping them child support courts unjust system not broken questions why lady clear found clear mans name government restitution him documentation kid is not his biological father currently in the childs life father responsible lied fraud issues matter more important Nike Air Jordans making Jordan rich doesnt speak on our issues Nike money black female attorney October December 2014 2015 hip hop and rap stars Young Thug and bobby shmurda reality shows Love and Hip hop aid and defense buying shoes black.

Should men have financial abortions rights

A few weeks ago on ask cristen i addressed the question should cisgender men have a say in abortion to which a lot of guys commenting said yeah sure, have your abortions as long as guys can have rights to financial abortions. I don’t know why I put just financial in quotes. In a nutshell, a financial abortion refers to this idea of being able to give up all parental and financial responsibilities associated with raising a biological child. In other words, if you want to have the baby, go ahead, but I will have nothing, not a penny or moment.

Of time, to do with that. And the Ask Cristen commenters who expressed this desire for an opting out of fatherhood or just paternity in general, usually placed it in straight relationship scenarios such as a guy telling his girlfriend that he never ever wanted to be a dad and then she gets pregnant and then she decides to have to child and then all of the sudden he’s on the hook for child support and being a father that he never ever wanted to be. And then there.

Were a few guys who said, ‘and what about women who might poke holes in condoms or lie about being on birth control thus tricking men into becoming fathers again that they never ever wanted to be. I also wanted to take a moment and lay a little bit of statistical groundwork when it comes to child support and singleparenting in the US. In the United States, around twentythree million kids live in singleparent homes and.

Of those singleparent homes, around eightytwo percent of those are headed by a custodial mom. And of those custodial single moms, only thirtysix percent have never been married. So in a majority of child support cases, these kids are products of marriage and then divorce not women secretly having babies without men being involved. At least in 2011, only sixtythree percent of child support owed was actually paid. Which usually amounts to seventeen percent of a parent’s income. It’s interesting to compare.

That then to the annual overall cost of raising a kid in 2014 which comes up to just under fourteen thousand dollars. Unfortunately there is a statistical grain of truth to this background financial abortion panic of what’s referred to as reproductive coercion. Someone getting pregnant without one or the other person’s consent. According to the 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, eight point seven percent of men in the United States reported.

Ever having quote, ‘an intimate partner trying to get pregnant when they did not want to or tried to stop them from using birth control. And at the same time approximately eight point six percent of women in the United States similarly reported having an intimate partner who tried to get them pregnant when they did not want to or refused to use a condom. Which leads to why financial abortions will probably never be codified into law. In 2007 the Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals dismissed a case involving a financial abortion specifically.

A man who did not want to be legally obligated to pay child support under michigan state Law for a child that he had previously informed a girlfriend that he never wanted because he said, ‘Hey lady I never want to be a dad.’ In its decision to dismiss that case, the Court said, ‘Dubay’s claim that a man’s right to disclaim fatherhood would be analogous to a woman’s right to abortion rests upon a false analogy. In the case of a father seeking to opt out of fatherhood and thereby avoid.

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