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Mother Earth Human Rights

different forms of creation rise from the earth and in the end, merge back with the earth, as waves in the sea they are individual waves and yet a part of the sea. All life depends on earth, all life originates from earth. Earth is our God, our mother. She is the basis for everything; our happiness, our sadness are all directly linked to Mother Earth.

Civilizations come and go, earth goes on forever. What is Earth’s remains on earth. We already belong to Earth, going and returning are hypothetical, WE BELONG TO THE EARTH. Bible says we came out of the dust, even dust is a part of the earth. She’s our sole provider. whether we are alive or dead or even if we become gods!.

When we are alive, we get everything from earth. Even after death, Mother Earth holds our remains we merge back into the Earth. If we are buried our graves are formed here, if we are cremated we are burnt into ashes to become a part of the earth. All our afterlife rites take place here be it shradda, tarpan (offerings to ancestral spirits).

Even for gods, the continuity of their existence depends on earth. their worship, followers, ceremonies, temples are all based upon Earth. The sacred rituals, yajna for appeasement of gods all take place here. All states of existence living, dead or divine depend on Mother Earth. No one has EVER been able to get away from Earth be it a renunciate, god, dead, ancestral spirit, or a living being.

we all are bits of earth and we have an individuality, a feeling of being which we call atma (spirit, soul). Why is it so hard to conceive that Earth would have an individuality too, feeling of a super being paramatma, the Supreme Self? Aren’t we a part of her? Even the most intelligent man depends on food intelligence can’t survive without proper.

Nourishment, right? We derive that intelligence, that nourishment from Earth. The whole play of consciousness goes on over here. That sole provider, should we consider it a dead planet? Or is it that her life span itself is beyond our understanding? Scientists estimate earth to be over 4 billion years old.

Comparing that to an average human life span of about 60 years, how can a 60 years old person comprehend the consciousness of someone who is more than 4 billion years old! Even the thought of ever meeting a 1000 years old man sends jitters down our spine and here we live on a 4 billion years old individual and are not even aware of it! Who can deny that our planet has a consciousness? Our own consciousness depends on her.

In earth’s time, we live for about half a second! How can such an ephemeral existence comprehend what does she think of, where did she come from, where will she go? It is believed that Earth is formed from Sun and will be destroyed much before Sun is. However, I affirm that Earth will never go away!.

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