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Ohio Child Custody Laws For Unmarried Parents

I just saw a lot of comments from you guys about the photo of me meeting with JJ most of you know how much I cried and I wanted to tell you that JJ is not with me anymore that the United States didn’t authorize his return to Brazil and he is with his father now, and I haven’t seen him for 7 days I can only visit him in a , I haven’t visited him yet because I speak portuguese and I’m not allowed to speak portuguese with my son. I only have the right to an appeal and it takes at least a year to prepare

he used the same arguments that he used in Brazil but I didn’t come prepared to live a war that I already lived through for a year in Brazil I didn’t come prepared for this I couldn’t do anything, only he has the right to do anything there shouldn’t have been another judgment made here, but unfortunately there was and he was favored he is the one that kidnapped him from Brazil, here in the U.S. it’s not a crime what he did and now I’m here, already 7 days without hearing anything from JJ He told my son that I had died

when we met again JJ was so happy because he though that it was awsome that his mother was alive I don’t know how someone can be so cruel with a kid my son made me promise I wouldn’t go back to Brazil without him and he really wanted me to know where his dad’s house was , afraid that his dad would dissappear and I wouldn’t be able to find the house So I ask for your help to share this tutorial because I’m here alone in the U.S.

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The Fathers Rights During a Divorce in AZ

Jurisdictionally, in Arizona, there’s a statutestate, that really. They don’t. They don’t differentiate between mother and father. Ifyou are married and there are children that take place during that divorce, that thosechildren are assumed to be yours unless there’s. That is a nofault state in Arizona. So ifthere are some indiscretions and you think that maybe your wife had been cheating onyou and you want to do a DNA test, until you get that DNA test done, you are consideredto be the father if she’s pregnant while in the middle of a divorce. The rights of a fatherduring a divorce are the same as a mother. In Arizona, they have now split the areasof law into three, so you have a legal decision

making, you have parenting time, you havechild support. First, the most easy one to speak about ischild support. Child support is very statutized, there’s a formula online that is based uponyour income, the income of the other party, and the amount of each parenting time thateach party gets. There are some other little nuances to it, but really, you kinda plugthe numbers in and what the number comes out to is what that party is gonna be responsibleto pay, whether you’re the father or the mother in child support. So it doesn’t necessarilymean, guys, that you’re gonna stop paying child support, it’s possible that the motherwould have to pay child support. So please

don’t think that this is a mother’s rightstate or women first. Everybody, they look at them as equal parents in this proceeding.What will happen is they will spit that number in child support and what you’ll have to dois if you either. You either can agree to that number or you can ask for a deviation.If you wanna deviate up and pay more child support, the court usually is okay with thatbut they’re gonna make sure that it’s not done in lieu of some kind of some kind offoul play that you are conceiving other issues. But they’re okay usually allowing a personto pay more child support. If you want to deviate down, that’s when you really gonnahave to kinda prove why it’s in the best interest

of child and or children and why the. Andhow the children would still be able to be taken care of if you did deviate down. Itis possible to deviate down. It’s not that often, usually it’s done if the child supportcomes out rather equally. They’ll usually deviate down.The next one is parenting time. Parenting time is pretty much very selfexplanatory,in terms of how much time you are spending with your child. So you are. There is apresumption in Arizona that you get. That is in the best interest of the child for thereto be a split parenting time, where each parent was to receive 5050 time. Now there are certainbig ticket items that will then allow the

court to start swaying it back and forth from5050. So, for example, if there has been a significant domestic violence, if therehas been any kind of drug use, if there has been alcohol abuse. And when I’m talking aboutabuse, I’m not talking about watching a game and drinking a beer, or having a glass ofwine. I’m talking about severe DUIs or any kind of proven alcohol abuse. So don’t worry,guys, you can still enjoy your margaritas or whatever you choose to drink. But, it’sthose things, whether you become a registered sex offender, real big ticket items that aregonna start to sway back and forth how the parenting time is going to be. Sometimes theparenting time will deviate a little bit.

It might not look fair because of locationof each parent. So father for some reason, you were to relocate or you’re across thevalley; you might not get as much time during the week, but you might get more equal timeduring breaks and other things when the children do become of school age. So that is how parentingtime works. he last one is legal decision making. Legaldecision making is where you get to make the decision on big ticket items, like what schoolthe children are gonna go to, what religion are they going to be, any kind of medicalprocedures that there gonna happen. There are really three levels of decision making.You have the presumption, again in Arizona,

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