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Parental Alienation Syndrome 2015

Handling Parental Alienation Syndrome Tips and Advice

So a lot of the parents that I work with come to me because they’ve been cut off by an adult child or a teenager after divorce. They want to know, quot;What do I say?quot; And the first thing that you have to do is really try to make it safe for your child to talk to your. It’s the case of the divorce and the case of Parental Alienation Syndrome where your ex is actually poisoning your child against you. It’s important that you not do anything to reinforce that. So you don’t want to talk about your ex in any kind of a negative way, but to talk to them in an as affectionate way as possible, even though you may have to fake it. You want to remember that their love for their mother or their father, your ex, is part of the ways.

That they love themselves. So if you’re poisoning them about their mother or their father, you’re poisoning them about themselves. This is crucial to remember. So many parents feel like they’re going to get back at their exes by getting mad at the kid through the ex and you’re just hurting your child. Not only are you hurting your child, you’re hurting your relationship to the child. You’re ruining your credibility with that child by making them feel like you care more about yourself than you do about them. They need to love that parent no matter how terribly that parent has behaved. So that’s the case of Parental Alienation Syndrome. You want to be affectionate, interested, empathic, hear their complaints. If the kids says, quot;Well,.

Why didn’t ever pay child support? Or why were you always so mean to dad?quot; If there’s a kernel of truth in it, you want to speak to the kernel of truth. If there’s not a kernel of truth, you might want to say, quot;Well, you know, your mom and I see that very differently so I think it’s something that’s between the two of us, but what was that like for you when she said that? What was that like for you when dad said that about me?quot; Again, make the empathy about them, not about you. That’s your biggest tool in the tool chest.

Badmouthing Your Ex Can Harm Your Children

Hello my name is Edward Weinstein. I’ve been practicing divorce and family law here in my hometown of East Brunswick, New Jersey for the past 20 years. In today’s tutorial, I shall discuss a situation that affects far too many families, Parental Alienation of Children. So what is Parental Alienation? Simply put, it is when one parent attempts to alienate a child’s affections away from the other parent. Or in other words, when one parent badmouths the other parent in the presence of or directly to the child. There are severe consequences to Parental Alienation. First and most obviously, the.

Parent who is the target of the Parental Alienation is frustrated as they feel that their relationship with their child is slipping away. Even more importantly, this behavior is clearly not in the best interest of the child. Many of these children suddenly start acting out and misbehaving. Another red flag is when they suddenly start having trouble at school and with their studies. I have often argued in the New Jersey Family Court that Parental Alienation could lead to a child being emotionally and psychologically damaged into their adulthood. I then aggressively state, that in my book, such behavior amounts to Psychological Molestation of a Child.

At my law firm, we educate our clients as to the harmful effects of Parental Alienation and advise our clients as to how we can help legally. Parental Alienation of a child is something that shall never be tolerated at my law firm.

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