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Parental Alienation Syndrome Lawyer

Hello my name is Edward Weinstein. I’ve beenpracticing divorce and family law here in my hometown of East Brunswick, New Jerseyfor the past 20 years. In today’s tutorial, I shall discuss a situationthat affects far too many families, Parental Alienation of Children. So what is Parental Alienation?Simply put, it is when one parent attempts to alienate a child’s affections away fromthe other parent. Or in other words, when one parent badmouths the other parent in thepresence of or directly to the child. There are severe consequences to ParentalAlienation. First and most obviously, the

parent who is the target of the Parental Alienationis frustrated as they feel that their relationship with their child is slipping away. Even moreimportantly, this behavior is clearly not in the best interest of the child. Many of these children suddenly start actingout and misbehaving. Another red flag is when they suddenly start having trouble at schooland with their studies. I have often argued in the New Jersey Family Court that ParentalAlienation could lead to a child being emotionally and psychologically damaged into their adulthood.I then aggressively state, that in my book, such behavior amounts to Psychological Molestationof a Child.

At my law firm, we educate our clients asto the harmful effects of Parental Alienation and advise our clients as to how we can helplegally. Parental Alienation of a child is something that shall never be tolerated atmy law firm.

Parental alienation Brainwashing with Lies to change Birth names alienation increased by Judge

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out to the store and buying all three of youa very nice computer. Because I’ve paid her over I don’t know,I’d have to look at the latest number. one hundred forty thousand dollars ($140,000) Well, yea, but the government says that youhave to keep doing that for your whole life. {guess who told the children that adult concept?} The government has been taking out the maximumamount, they have been taking out thousands of dollars above what the court has ordered. Yea. well you still have to do what they say.

You’re paying? You’re still paying? becauseshe said that you weren’t. I’ll send you the records OK, well, bye.

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