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Parental Rights Responsibilities Maine

Maine Divorce with Children StepbyStep

John I think there’s only one way to settle all these problems yeah I think I know where you’re going with this I just don’t see any other way that we can get through this and we have to do what’s best for the kids I honestly think that divorce is the best option so where to we go from here? well I don’t know I guess I can go down to the courthouse tomorrow and see mom what’s going on? hello I’m Susan Campbell and as you can see ending a marriage I very stressful and trying time.

Especially if you have children it’s a difficult for most people think hard about the emotional financial and family consequences before you decide to go ahead with a divorce we’re here to help guild you though the legal process of a Maine divorce with children and to let you know that you are not alone I recent years the nation divorce rate was more than half the marriage rate in Maine several thousand divorces happen every year and many are filled without a lawyer we’re here to show you some of the ins and the outs filing for divorce but before we get into the exact process there are some issues you need to address: first and foremost do you need a lawyer?.

We recommend you consult with a lawyer if you can afford one we also suggest getting a lawyer if you have complex property issues, pensions, or retirement accounts, arguments over children, a history of domestic abuse, or other difficult problems in the case of domestic abuse we recommend that you seek support from the domestic violence program the number 1866834HELP if you need a lawyer but you can’t affordone you may want to call the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) at 18004424293 they may be able to provide a lawyer for free but that’s not a guarantee for everybody some lawyers are willing to help you with parts of your divorce for a lower fee.

If you think you can pay something for limited legal advice you may want to try the Maine State BAR Association’s information and referral service at 18008601460 if none of these options work out for you then you may have no other choice but to move forward on your own at this point you may be wondering how much this is going to cost even if you don’t end up with a lawyer’s bill there are some expenses you should expect to pay these fees are subject to change summons forms: $5, filing fee: $120, service fee: $3050, mediation fee: $160 ($80 for each party) you can ask the court to wave the fees if you have low income and you cannot afford them if at any point during tis process you start to feel overwhelmed:.

Stop, take a deep breath and remember you are not alone you can get through this so let’s get started first you’ll need to get the court forms if you have internet access you can download fillable versions of most of the forms you’re going to need by going to the Pine Tree Legal Assistance website however you must purchase a paper copy of the court summons from court clerk’s office if you prefer you can puck up forms at local district courts throughout the state of Maine once you have the forms you’ll need to fill them out there are instructions on how to do this on the front page of the packet and online.

Refer to this information throughout the process if you have a low income and you need additional assistance it’s available the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project offers a help line for this issue you may also get help from a courthouse assistance project if there’s one at your local court many public libraries also offer help with accessing the online fillable forms Pine Tree Legal also offers online forms thatask you to answer a series of questions about yourself your family and fills out the forms for you once you’ve finished filling out your forms it’s time to serve and file the papers you’ll need to make two copies: one for youto keep and one to be delivered to your spouse first, you’ll serve to copies on your spouse, then you will file the original papers with the court clerk.

The least expensive ways to serve the papers on your spouse is hand delivering them or sending them by mail again follow the instructions in your forms packet if your spouse refuses to sign them you can use the service by sheriff method this means an official will go to your spouse’s home or work place and serve the papers in person this will cost more but you may be able to get a fee wavier ask the court clerk about this once the papers are served you can file the originals with the court if you receive court papers from your spouse you can avoid being served by a sheriff if you sign quot;acknowledgement of servicequot; form.

Rally in Sacramento for Parental Rights

Our next speaker is a former Wall Street executive, former Biotech Consultant, she knows her business. She is the publisher and editor of The Mom Street Journal, and has been writing about vaccines for 8 years, please welcome a powerful voice in our community, Lori Martin Gregory. Thank you all so much.

I’m here today to tell you, it doesn’t matter what happens here today. Because now we’re awake. Maybe it took us a little while. We never thought it would happen.

On our watch. Only we weren’t really watching. We are now. It doesn’t matter what happens here today, because now we know. It’s not really about us. We are only 2.4 per cent. We don’t scare you.

We’re a small price to pay to satisfy and sacrifice to your insatiable campaign donors. But guess what? Now we know. Vaccines cause injury. Vaccines cause death. Not for all, but for some. And that’s just not good enough.

We may be small, but we are mighty. It doesn’t matter what happens here today, in this building, because we’re not giving in. Your fearmongering won’t dissuade us. Your greed won’t displace us. Because we’re not afraid. And by the way, Pan, the Science Is In. (applause) Vaccines cause harm.

$202 million dollars awarded for 2014 settlements alone. And many of these injuries and deaths happened years ago. How many of California’s children will be added to this list? How many will be added? How many families will be led to slaughter trying to do the right thing, because of your ignorance and greed? You do not own the truth, we know who you are because we put you in office. You work for all of us, all of us. All the people, not some of the people. We the people are all of the people, and that is why it doesn’t matter what happens here today. Because either.

Way, we grow stronger. Either way, we grow larger. Time is not on their side. So they rush to push lies because time and history work for truth. And truth is on our side. It is time to strengthen our resolve to stay awake, to educate, not just our children but our families, our communities and our leaders. Hear this well: We voted you in office and we can vote you out. We the people. we the people deserve and are given equal rights under the law.

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