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Parental Rights Texas

Sadly Not From The Onion Texas GOP Against Thinking Voting Rights

Texas republicans have put it into their platform well several read dick you listings but too stand out as unbelievable point number one to be repealed not reauthorize so that act that allowed africanamericans to vote in peace anna.

Participate in our democracy just like everybody else legal rights they want a repeal that she i what i want blackstone both for republicans jetliner why latinos are headed over and rosalynn democratic party and so the republicans here are the texas g_o_p_ platform this is our mission statement saying we would like to make sure that we go to.

The bad old days where minorities are the same ice as we do and what will be shut them out for a vote great saratov meeting aspect evidence wait to get a load but what they say on knowledgebase education misena point we oppose the teaching of hype order thinking skills.

Critical thinking skills a similar programs that are simply a real labeling of outcomebased education mastery learning which focuses on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the students fix police and undermining parental authority.

So the platform is we don’t want you to do critical thinking we want you just simply new follow parental authority we don’t want the students challenged on their fixed believes why do you just read andrew platform we’d like to make everybody in texas as stupid as possible so they can keep voting republican who says that we shouldn’t be sickness of think radically.

Who says that it like whisper it my dog i want to be great for everybody texans as dumb as we are and then everybody would be a wild your light was for that right we are gonna actually seen in public right in telling your platform you know we don’t want anybody question any believes that up their head bhai had and was about forty don’t start thinking over yourself or andrea.

In america this is what you think is the right thing to do in mer thurmond party is a national m parison how could anybody vote for this haley sayali a listing away voting rights for blacks and latinos that this isn’t that the go back to that all days and that when we were running them over and it was just like they were voting and and we were trying.

Child Support Detroit Man Fights 30000 Bill For Kid That He Did Not Father Black Men Black Women

Hello everyone this is Tee with say it in love dot com this clip that I’m about to show should further let us know black people black men have no rights in the united states buying Jordan’s shouldn’t be our priority issues like this take a look at this clip and I’ll be back to give some comments Carnell Alexander is a wanted man tonight the state of Michigan is demanding he pay thousands dollars or go to prison child support case out of control 7 action news case with a bizarre twist everybody agrees the kid is not his Carnell Alexander news 1991 traffic stop in Detroit you’re a dead beat dad the cop said you’re a wanted man knew I didn’t have a child locked up Carnell was arrested for.

Failing to pay almost 70,000 dollars in child support fathered a child 1987 court order pay Carnell not my child told me it was too late to get DNA test proved Carnell was not the dad judge she told me fact DNA contact 24 years stick case closed I got to pay court records show that Carnell ignored a court order paternity process server Highland Park deliver summons sign arrested as a young man locked up house knowledge child support case pending against me case someone had put Carnell’s name on an application for welfare benefits and ex when her baby was born had to turn to welfare get assistance take care of them put him down as the father that was the only way I could get assistance face fighting to help Carnell.

Everything is my fault he have to pay this money pay I want everything to go away life not my child what’s right months ago judge did erase the debt that Carnell owned that mom of the kid that’s not his but not the debt owed to the state 30,000 dollars for welfare benefits paid over the years keep fighting all of the debt is erased Kim Russell 7 action news reporter 8th grade education job attorney written article educate ourselves formal education common sense and street knowledge three justice system court lady claim child DNA test court running contact DNA test paid finically responsibility for this child wrong illegal Texas story Houston black man trouble father child not his courts money Texas law.

Retroactively brothers helping them child support courts unjust system not broken questions why lady clear found clear man’s name government restitution him documentation kid is not his biological father currently in the child’s life father responsible lied fraud issues matter more important Nike Air Jordan’s making Jordan rich doesn’t speak on our issues Nike money black female attorney October December 2014 2015 hip hop and rap stars Young Thug and bobby shmurda reality shows Love and Hip hop aid and defense buying shoes black people respectfully tell you in love That’s all I want for Christmas all I want for Christmas is my 11’s if I don’t get’em it will break my heart combative step to a young brother.

Sagging gangbanging don’t yell at him.

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