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Temporary Court Order For Child Custody

Child abduction is a frightening subject butit does happen. A parent becomes disgruntled by the legal process or fears a negative outcome,or believes harm will come to the child and no one will help, or simply wants to hurtthe other parent – so the parent takes the child and leaves, sometimes to another state,sometimes to another country. Parental kidnapping is both a state and federalcrime. If a parent takes a child without consent during a time when that parent does not havephysical custody of the child, the police, the FBI, the State Department and even Interpolcan be of assistance. From a custody perspective, if the abductionhas occurred within the United States, the

Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA),the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and a writ of habeas corpus canhelp to return the child home. If the abduction has occurred outside the United States, theinternational treaty known as the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International ChildAbduction creates a uniform method of retrieving the child. Both national and international abductioncases are sensitive, emotional and complicated, and require extensive knowledge of legal procedureswith which few lawyers have real experience, let alone expertise. At the Marks Law Firm,L.L.C., we have successfully handled interstate

and international child abduction cases instate and federal courts. We have the experience and expertise to help guide you through theproper channels to secure the return of your child..

What Is An Emergency Child Custody Temporary Order

Amanda Szpakowski: My name is Amanda Szpakowski. I am the Family Law legal assistant here at the Bornmann Law Group. I specialize in anything family lawrelated; custody, visitation, father’s rights, anything family law. Is what we could put in place called Emergency Temporary Orders. And basically what that is, is if there’s a situation where a parent is not being able to see the minor child, or the minor child is in a dangerous situation that could compromise his safety, we could ask for an Emergency Temporary Orders hearing. This could be with or without the other party’s notice, depending on the seriousness of the matter. And this would ask for a very quick hearing in front of the judge to either get parent time with the minor child,

or get the child out of the situation that is dangerous for him. Any type of situation like that, we can ask for Emergency Temporary Orders..

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