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Transfer Child Custody Case To Texas

ALERT Feds Build Chilling 500 Bed Facility in Rural Texas to Accommodate Unstoppable Flow of Illegal

ALERT Feds Build Chilling 500 Bed Facility in Rural Texas to Accommodate Unstoppable Flow of Illegals. U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently announced plans to build a temporary facility in south Texas to house illegal immigrants crossing the border. The facility will be built near the DonnaRio Bravo International Bridge in Donna, Texas, according to Breitbart, and will hold up to 500 people. Those individuals are waiting for transfer to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to a statement provided by Customs and Border Protection to KGBT.

The statement said that the CBP would ensure that basic needs of those in custody are met, adding that the organization would also perform regular assessments in order to expand the facility or keep it temporary. That decision would be based on the volume of people arriving in the country. CBP said it was prepared to add housing, beds, toilets and other facilities as needed. The Department of Homeland Security said the number of border apprehensions was between 7,000 and 10,000 more per month than usual, reported the Washington Examiner. The number of illegal immigrants entering the country has risen every month since February,.

Breitbart reported. In October, the number of family unit aliens captured increased 37 percent, and unaccompanied alien children increased by 19 percent. The total number of apprehensions in August, September and October was higher than in the last five years, and we simply have no way to stop it under the Obama administration�s lax border security. CBP said it would keep the temporary facilities open until the number of illegals crossing the border returns to a normal level.

The fact that facility was being constructed in rural Texas means that there is an expectation of more of the same. At least we have hope for an end in sight come January when Presidentelect Donald Trump will be inaugurated. Share this story on Facebook and Twitter if you agree that news about this facility out in the middle of nowhere is bad news. What do you think of this facility? Scroll down to comment below!.

Why Did My Case Move to Another Court Attorney Sylvia Davidow Explains Removal and Remand

Your attorney just filed a lawsuit for you in a court that’s pretty close to your home. And then about three weeks later your case has been moved to another court, not so close to your home. Why did it happen? I’m Sylvia Davidow. I’m an attorney with Fleming, Nolen Jez in Houston. And I’d like to explain a little bit to you about removal and remand, something that helps in this legal system. Removal happens because the United States has two separate and parallel court systems. Every state has trial courts and courts of appeal and a supreme court. And then the federal system has trial courts (and they’re called federal district courts), courts of appeal and a U.S. supreme court. Now that’s not unusual.

Except a lot of countries don’t have that. For instance, Canada has just one system. You don’t have to provincial courts and federal courts, you just have courts. So what happens is that you ended up having your case in another court and it’s in a federal court. Well federal courts are what they call ‘limited jurisdiction courts’. You can’t usually go to federal court; you can only do that if you have certain parameters that you meet. And you have to either have something about a federal law if you have damages or what they call an amount controversy over $75,000 dollars and you’re in the state you live in but the other party (the defendant) is in another state or even another country. Then you can be in federal court. And in the.

Last few decades the other reason is that class actions end up in federal court quite often or something called ‘multidistrict litigation’ or ‘MDL’. That’s when you have all kinds of cases throughout the states that are little cases but the litigation is big, maybe against a pharmaceutical company. And then you find yourself swept into a court somewhere an MDL court that was appointed to take care of all these hundreds or thousands of cases. So that’s why you end up there. Now the good news is most cases stay in state court. They’re filed there and they stay there. And it’s the burden of the removing party (which is usually the defendant) to make sure that they stay in federal court. Most often they don’t.

So you may end up back where you started. Why is this important for you? Well one thing is you filed suit in a court near your home because that’s where you want to be and you’d like to be back there if possible. And you also need to know why this happened to you if it did and what happens next. I’m Sylvia Davidow. Call me if you have any questions. I answer these kinds of questions every day. Thank you for watching.

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