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Unmarried Mothers Custody Rights In Ohio

Cintia loses custody of her son in the US after his father kidnapped him in Brazil

I just saw a lot of comments from you guys about the photo of me meeting with JJ most of you know how much I cried and I wanted to tell you that JJ is not with me anymore that the United States didn’t authorize his return to Brazil and he is with his father now, and I haven’t seen him for 7 days I can only visit him in a , I haven’t visited him yet because I speak portuguese and I’m not allowed to speak portuguese with my son. I only have the right to an appeal and it takes at least a year to prepare.

He used the same arguments that he used in Brazil but I didn’t come prepared to live a war that I already lived through for a year in Brazil I didn’t come prepared for this I couldn’t do anything, only he has the right to do anything there shouldn’t have been another judgment made here, but unfortunately there was and he was favored he is the one that kidnapped him from Brazil, here in the U.S. it’s not a crime what he did and now I’m here, already 7 days without hearing anything from JJ He told my son that I had died.

When we met again JJ was so happy because he though that it was awsome that his mother was alive I don’t know how someone can be so cruel with a kid my son made me promise I wouldn’t go back to Brazil without him and he really wanted me to know where his dad’s house was , afraid that his dad would dissappear and I wouldn’t be able to find the house So I ask for your help to share this tutorial because I’m here alone in the U.S.

Receiving help from a few people that thank God they were put in my life and just them, and haven’t received any help from anyone else to help and I need help from Brazil to try to change this situation because all the investigation that was done there didn’t matter here. they didn’t consider the call of the judge, the Brazilian Judge, that called the American judge.

And told all the falsehoods that he tried in Brazil including that he was prohibited by law to leave Brazil with my son and he did and he wasn’t charged with anything ANYTHING. you need to share this tutorial with everybody that you can to help me.

Fathers Rights The Marks Law Firm

Father’s Rights is a popular phrase these days and the crux of the matter is whether fathers are discriminated against by the courts. Many years ago the laws were set up to favor the mother and even operated under the “tender yearsâ€� doctrine, which presumed that children under seven needed to spend most of their time with their mother. But in our current legal system, the law gives fathers equal standing as parents, and we will advocate for clients who are fathers to ensure their custodial rights will be respected and that they will not be unfairly penalized financially (in payments of child support or maintenance) because of assumptions about dad as the sole breadwinner, when in reality.

In most families both parents work full time. If you’re a dad, you’ll want to make sure that you’re represented by an attorney that will fight for what’s rightfully yours.

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