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Hi, I’m Skype. And I’m Tutorial Visitation. And I’m just like Skype. What? With me, you have a facetoface dialogue with the person that you love. With me, you can have a face to forehead. So you don’t do eyetoeye contact? No, that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

That makes nobody uncomfortable. Not according to Eyebrow Magazine. What brown magazine? You say, quot;Eyebrow Magazine?quot; Check October 2012. I would not so why, why would you just be able to change the angle of the screen? The screen is bolted in for optimal eyebrow viewing. You? Why would you bolt it in?

Because the eyebrows are the window to the soul. The eyebrow can convey so much emotion. For instance, now I am angry. Now, I’m surprised. That is two right out from the top of my head. Those are the two that I am feeling.

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