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Zimmerman In Custody Again

this breaking news that george Zimmermanwho is acquitted love bloody murder %uh TrayvonMartin very recently I don’t remember exactlywhen it’s a case that was in national headlines george Zimmerman has been arrested by Lake Mary police Jeff Weiner OS who covered on that is your Twitterusername he covered the Zimmerman trial start to finish his reporting Lake Marypolice confirm george Zimmerman in custodypolice investigating a possible domestic

battery on sprucewood road now up if you haven’t been following and Idon’t blame you if you haven’t Shellie Zimmerman in an interview george Zimmerman’sestranged wife indicated that she actually told george Zimmerman she wasleaving him the night before he shot Trayvon Martin and this was kind of a new lens throughwhich we could see the anger and the

kind of state of mind if george Zimmerman on theday that he got out of his car and and when up toTrayvon Martin and that eventually led to the situationwhere he shot Trayvon Martin dead %uh and now we’re learning a lot moreabout that situation I and the associated press is reportingthat Shellie Zimmerman called the police saying georgeZimmerman threatened her father with a gun so

um I can tell you that I’m surprisedabout this I think that it’s abundantly clear the type of person that george Zimmermanis if you didn’t really put the pieces together from the trial itself now that we see that again with the gunforget about the two times he was pulled over for speeding right everybody speedit’s not a big deal not everybody um goes out with a gun and threatens their

wife soon to be ex wife’s father becausethey’re upset according to Jeff Weiner he threatenedShellie Zimmerman spa there with his hand on his gun I and pearl Lake Mary policechief Shelly says george Zimmerman madethreats with hand on his gun and battered her father this is daysafter Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce in about a week or two after Shellie Zimmerman did this interviewwhere she indicated that she had

actually a she was in the process of leavinggeorge Zimmerman right when all of this with Trayvon Martin happened that’s thestory is there now I’m sure there will be more informationand you know we’ve heard from the jurors we’ve heard from one juror who said she really didn’t like the way that itwent and and she arguably was bullied into the not guilty verdict that a knish Ieventually came back unanimous

George Zimmerman Detained By Police Over Possible Domestic Battery

so you’re 0 many in more trouble and now a last week I he a wasapparently being reported by his own brother who sent out a tweet saying that he is going to get divorceda the that his wife shows have been has filed for divorce now breaking news today and why we bringthis two storey this story to you in the first place turns out that he has been detained inthe Central Florida town

up for threatening his a now estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman and herfather with a gun not look the police use the Bracknell saysany this is in Lake Mary he says we’ve only heard one side so farwe have heard Zimmerman side yet and you know the police are predisposedto listen Mizoram is i’d okay so they’re waiting on Matt this ishappening right now okay but the you know you got the newschoppers in there at cetera

and David and Michelle D know theparents here and apparently obviously they’reinvolved area in the story as well now why is a merman possibly the neck sodid not because of what he’s into his wife known look if he threatened her with a gunthat’s reprehensible there should be legal ramifications for that its centerbut that’s not what I mean it’s at the sky as we told youimmediately after the verdict came in loves the spotlight he he can’t getenough of it that’s why he went to the

gun manufacturers that produce the gunthat killed Trayvon Martin and he was smiling and he’s taking thephoto there cuz he’s like somebody somebody give me a little bit if it didyou know I loved it you know done that then said and you know thathe’s reasonable over twice for speedingincluding last week is you know Stevo who works here was sostory about his kids in you know when they were reallyyoung one of the girls would do something and then would saylook at me got a look at Big Daddy

I guess what kids do right it’sunderstandable and I hate to compare anybody’s kissinger’s airman but he’sdoing that on a grand scale and Ana sad scale waz basically stole awhole country look at me does he look at me I’m right here please please pleasedon’t take the spotlight away welcome speedy look I happen to show upat a traffic accident béchamel in the middle of the morningready with a fire hydrant fire extinguisher I say that was acurious story

okay and then his as a lawyers say all him going to the gun manufacturerwas not part of our PR campaign indicating that there was a PR campaignwhich made its way max’s situation and he is was ever speak again his wife files for divorce and nowthere’s a story out today about how he might have pulled a gun on her your parents now what happened OJ afterhe was acquitted 00 when they took the spotlight away hewas so sad

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